North Campus Expansion Sustainability
Regarding the North Campus Residential Expansion (NCRE),
1. I support a thorough Environmental Impact Statement that includes quantification and consideration of upstream methane emissions, which is mandatory under the State Environmental Quality Review Act.
2. I support that all buildings are constructed to LEED Platinum, as opposed to Silver (minimum for the Climate Action Plan), and that a Passive House energy performance test is conducted.
3. I support the development of a better insulation design that includes a smaller window percentage, and thus ask Cornell to decrease the percentage to the optimal 15%.
4. I support that this project meets the time constraints set by the Climate Action Plan (Cornell's commitment to carbon neutrality by 2035) and publicly and clearly announces when other impacts (such as upstream methane leakage) require the purchase of carbon offsets.
5. I support the arrangement of another open forum for Cornell students to express opinions and concerns regarding sustainable design trade offs to the relevant landscape architects and Cornell administrators.
6. I affirm that Cornell must take immediate and sincere action to ensure that the privileged institution plays a vital role in securing ourselves, our peers, and future generations a livable climate and socially just world.

Since Cornell sophomores are guaranteed housing, the NCRE construction would provide housing for 2,000 more students. This is a significantly large project which is being developed rapidly over the next few months to be powered by the combined heat and power plant, which runs on natural gas/methane imported through pipelines from 3 other states.

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