2017 Investment Banking Comp Survey
A Quick Note
Thank you in advance for participating in the 2017 Investment Banking Compensation Survey. This is the 23rd year that The Weatherly Group has compiled this information.

All participants in the current survey will receive the 2016 survey upon completion of this year’s survey.

The strength of our survey depends on the accuracy of the responses we receive. We will not disclose your answers or even your participation in this survey to anyone. For over 20 years, the Weatherly Group’s success and reputation has rested on its proven ability to maintain the confidentially of our candidates and potential candidates, we don’t take this commitment lightly.

I can’t stress this point more than this being the foundation of our reputation -
**ALL participants’ personal information is kept STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL**

You will receive an advance copy of the final results as a participant (this will be rough May 1 (Some firms don't pay until April). Please let your colleagues and friends around the street know about the survey as well, the more data points we have the higher quality information you will receive.

The hardest thing each year is confirming that all information is normalized per the class year you track with, thus we may contact you if we need any clarification.

Please note that “MBA Year” refers to the class you track with. Some examples:
- Someone finishing their stub year (A0=MBA 2017)
- Associate 1st full year (A1=MBA 2016)
- Associate class promoting to VP =A4MBA2014)
- Finishing a 1st year VP (VP1=MBA 2013)

• Please enter amount for total bonus inclusive of any deferred rewards. (Do NOT include sign on for stub year participants or lateral movers)
• Please detail any deferment or equity portion (%s, years, etc) in the notes field at the end.
• Lastly, please don’t hesitate to contact us regarding your career planning and options.

Thank you again.
Scott Dinhofer & the entire Weatherly Group team

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