SRSH - understanding mental health in university students

Student Run Self Help is a project working to increase the provision of low-level and easy to access support for students and young people with eating disorders. We believe that peer-to-peer self help groups can have a role to play in supporting the eating disorder recovery process. We work by providing training and a framework of support to student volunteers wishing to run self help support at their university.

This Project

We are currently running a questionnaire to try to find out how much you, as a student, know about eating disorders, whether you know where to turn to for support and what form of support you would feel most happy to access. As eating disorders are often closely related to problems such as depression, anxiety and self harm we are also interested in your experiences of support for any mental health problem at university. If you have first or second hand experience of mental health problems, we will be asking you a few more questions about the support you or your friend/sibling has accessed and what your opinions are of this support.

The results of this survey will feed into writing a report. Our aim is to understand the experience of mental health and eating disorders in particular among students and the current provision of support. We are compiling a report on the student perspective, considering the NHS secondary and tertiary services, the GPs, Counselling services, University support and how all of these services link together. We are not trying to focus on any specific service but are interested in putting together an overall picture. The goal of the report will be to highlight failings where they exist, point out recommendations (made by you) for improvements to the services, and record what services are doing well.

For anyone with no experience of mental health problems, we'd urge you to complete the questionnaire as well as your feedback will help us understand how to guide future campaigns we run.


You are very welcome to complete this form anonymously. If you do choose to leave contact details, these will only be available to the core team of volunteers analysing this questionnaire. All information provided here will be treated in confidence. While this information will be included in a report, every effort will be made to ensure that individuals cannot be identified from the report. There will be an option to leave your email address at the end of this questionnaire - if you do so, we will email you a copy of the report before it is published to give you a chance to check that you are happy with the content. The data from this questionnaire will be analysed by a small team of volunteer researchers working for SRSH, under the direct supervision of one of the SRSH project directors. If you have left an email address, this will be kept separately from your questionnaire answers, so that there will be no way of identifying your responses.

This Questionnaire

This questionnaire should take no more than 10 minutes to complete - We hope to provide opportunity for people to provide as much information as they like - this does not mean that we expect everyone to provide long answers! You should feel free to complete the questionnaire flexibly, giving as long or short answers as you wish and leaving out questions you do not feel are appropriate to you.

Who can complete this questionnaire?

Any university students are welcome to complete this questionnaire.

All the help you can offer us is much appreciated. Whether it is just filling in this questionnaire, or whether you have time to send this to other students at your university or further afield. We really do need your help!

For more information on the project in general, please visit, or contact us at

Kind regards,

Nicola Byrom
Project director and founder

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