Jersey City Oddities and Alternative Art Market
Thank you for your interest in joining the Jersey City Oddities Market.

We are currently scouting new venues, event dates, and vendors for our 2022 year.

Please fill out this form to be added to the vendor list for future events. Filling this out does not guarantee acceptance to events. We will email registration info once events are planned.

Please fill this out even if you have applied in the past, as we know social media information and contact information can change.
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I understand that mummified bats or bat skulls are not permitted to be sold at any events. *
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I understand that all items must be handmade and original, and that I am not permitted to sell wholesale items from china (like reproduced jewelry, stolen artwork pins from aliexpress, or mummified bats) Vintage and antique categories do not need to be handmade.
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