MSSoD: Withdraw my student from one or more classes and / or the studio
*Please note within five days of submitting the form below, you will be sent a confirmation email which is your official withdraw confirmation. If you do NOT receive the withdraw confirmation email, please contact the office ASAP, at 972.393.7086. as the form submission may not have been successful.

*If you are withdrawing more than one student you will need to fill out a separate from fro each dancer.
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Student's First Name *
Student's Last Name *
Dropping certain classes or withdrawing from studio *
Please provide the instructor's name and class(es) you are dropping in the space below (if dropping more than one class or withdrawing completely please list them with the instructors' names): *
Please provide the reason you are leaving in the space below. * *
How would you rate the value of our dance education in relation to our tuition rates? * *
If considering dance in the future, would you return to or recommend our studio? *
Please include any additional comments/feedback/suggestions you wish to share in the space below.
*I am choosing to withdraw my dancer from Melva Smith School of Dance class(es) or studio. I agree to allow MSSoD to charge my payment method stored in my parent portal for any remaining balance on my account. OR to contact MSSoD within 2 business days to make payment arrangements.
Please type your name in the space provided to acknowledge you have read the above term of withdrawal.
I understand that if I have not dropped and received email confirmation of the drop seven days before fees are billed on the first of the month I will be responsible for the following month's fees.
I understand that any fees already paid are non-refundable per the studio terms. This includes monthly tuition, costume fees, recital fees and membership fees.
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