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Thanks for your interest in auditioning for Dipsea! Please read the information below and use this form to submit your audition. We'll need to hear the monologues as well as one character in the dialogue lines.

If you haven't done so already, we highly recommend listening to some Dipsea stories to get a feel for our style before you send in the audition. If you have access to an iPhone, you can download the app and listen to selected stories free of charge. If downloading the app isn't accessible for you, you can also listen to some clips online at dipseastories.com.

The number one thing we listen for is believability–we want it to sound like you're a real person experiencing real emotions. There's no need to exaggerate just because there's a microphone in front of you.

Casting Call Info
Who we are:
Dipsea is a female-founded startup behind the first audio platform for women’s sexual wellbeing. Our team is pioneering a new kind of sensorial audio storytelling that helps women tap into their inner sexual powers and awaken their most confident, invigorated selves. Our short, sexy audio stories are made possible by talented voice actors. Imagine the monologues and dialogues of popular TV shows, done exclusively in audio. Learn more at www.Dipseastories.com

What we’re looking for:
We’re seeking voice actors with male, female, and androgynous voices. Voices that sound between the ages of 20-40 are ideal. Whether you’re a trained voice actor or a stage/screen actor interested in voice work, we’re interested in adding new talent to our database.

Available roles:
The characters in our stories sound like real people. Monologues should be natural and conversational, as though the character is talking directly to the listener, or saying their thoughts out loud. We want to feel like the actor is experiencing what the character is going through. Dipsea’s stories are short (between 5-20 minutes), typically limiting studio time to a maximum of 2 directed hours for larger roles, and 1 directed hour for shorter roles. Stories range from lightly flirtatious to more explicit.

What we’ll need:
Demo auditions can be recorded remotely via your iPhone or Android mic (or a home studio if you have one). If you are accepted for our database, we’ll send you auditions that we think might be a good fit for you. Casting will be continuous and ongoing.

We do recordings both remotely and within San Francisco Bay Area. If you have a solid home studio, we will tune in via Skype or phone to direct you during the session. After the session, we request a raw, unedited .wav file from you. If you live in the SF Bay Area and need to come into a studio, we can record directly with you. For actors outside the SF Bay Area, we can usually provide a local studio where you can record. In these instances, we will also tune in remotely during your studio session.

Rates and other details:
We’re currently non-union and offer $200 per directed hour of studio time. We are looking to build sustainable, long-term partnerships with our voice actors. We cast and produce new stories every week. Contact vo@dipseastories.com if you have any questions.

Demo Script: please use this script for auditions
Monologue: (please perform both)
[Protagonist explains their tendency to fall for strangers. Should be read conversationally, casually.]

It’s not weird for me to fall in love with a different stranger everyday. My new hot neighbor, a woman on the subway…it could be anyone. But I have a soft spot for baristas. I freelance, so my office is every coffee shop in Brooklyn. When I can’t focus on my deadlines, I’ll build out some elaborate fantasy about the barista behind the counter. It doesn’t even matter what they look like. I like the tall thin ones, the ones with tattoos that mean something, the ones with tattoos that mean nothing. The ones who make me coffee so fancy that I need to re-do my budget.

[Character is hooking up with two people and excited by both of them. Beginning to feel turned on. The arousal is internal and this narration sounds soft, excited and intimate.]

My whole body is pin-pricked like I’m cold, but I’m just energized. My stomach is knotted and kind of, nervous? Excited. A little like before a test you know you’re gonna ace. I’m eager to just...kiss them both...maybe at once...see what that’s like. But I’m also glad Alex is already setting the tone for us to move slow. I can't help looking at them, they're so sexy. They catch me smiling at them and lean in, close.

Dialogue: (please perform both)
Please read one character from both of the following dialogues:

[A regular customer and a barista flirt. Should feel playful and comfortable.]

ALEX: Hey! Cameron, right?

CAMERON: Good memory.

ALEX: (friendly) What can I get ya today?

CAMERON: (jokingly sarcastic) Oh, I actually just came in to roast your tattoos again.

ALEX: (playful) How’d you know I have more than one?

CAMERON: Just a good guess. You seem like the type.

ALEX: Do you even know my name yet?

CAMERON: If I guess your name, will you show me the other bad tattoo?

ALEX: Or. Crazy idea. What if I just told you instead.

CAMERON: (laughing) I’m an over-complicator.

ALEX: I’m Alex.

[Cameron and Alex are hooking up in bed, just starting to touch each other, exploring, not full blown sex yet. This dialogue should sound intimate and tender.]

ALEX: (whispered and breathy) Is it a weird time to tell you I had a dream about this?

CAMERON: (softly laughing) No? Mm that feels so good.

ALEX: It was at the cafe. You were sitting on the bench and I was kneeling in front of you…

CAMERON: Why don’t you just show me.

ALEX: (breathy, turned on) Let’s get these off.

CAMERON: (breathy, turned on) Yours too.

ALEX: Do you like when I do it like this? Or more-.

CAMERON: A little harder. Yeah. Mmm. Like that.

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