Application for UKRDA League Affiliated Membership 2015

This application form is for Roller Derby Officials who are seeking UKRDA League Affiliated Officials Membership (LAM). Any UK-based roller derby official who is a full member of a UKRDA member league may apply for this membership status. (If you are wishing to apply for UKRDA Independent Official Membership as you are NOT a member of a UKRDA league, please go to

1 – Application form and all supporting documents including reference from your UKRDA member league* and your signed UKRDA Officials Code of Conduct & Confidentiality Declaration** received by UKRDA Officials Admin Panel (OAP) before application deadline***
2 – List of applicants will be announced on the UKRDA forum for a 2 week consultation period
3 – Applications and any correspondence received from UKRDA members during the consultation period will be reviewed and processed by the UKRDA Officials Admin Panel
4 – Within 25 working days of the application deadline date, emails will be sent out to the applicants (to the email address entered on THIS form) with the OAP decision, feedback and next steps.

Successful applicants will have their membership activated as soon as this notification is sent. Instructions on how to access the UKRDA Officials forum will be included in that notification email.

* To ensure that the reference information we receive is legitimate, reliable and accurate request that all references are emailed to directly by the person writing them (i.e. not by the applicant). Please see the full wording of the UKRDA Officials Membership policy for specifics on reference requirements (

** UKRDA Officials Code of Conduct & Confidentiality Declaration can be found here: A scan/photo of the signed declaration document needs to be emailed to

*** Deadlines will be published on the UKRDA website or can be viewed here: If an application is started but not completed by a deadline then the documents received will be filed in anticipation that the outstanding requirements will be completed by the following application deadline. Please note no correspondence will be received from the UKRDA until a full application (including supporting documents) has been filed.

The information you enter on this form will only be sent to UKRDA when you click 'Submit' and get the success message.
If you wish to update your details after that point, please contact

Best of luck!
UKRDA Officials Committee