The Modified Fisher Scale
This is a research study to determine the inter-rater reliability of the modified Fisher Scale (mFS). There is currently no formalized training program used to validate the ability to score the modified Fisher Scale on a CT scan. This scale is variably used across institutions to grade initial CT scans. Completion of this survey is voluntary. By completing and returning the survey, you are giving informed consent for its use.

Below you will find presenting scans of patients found to have aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage. Please grade these scans independently as you would when a patient arrives to your institution.

For each question, a video of a presenting CT scan is provided. You can scroll through the video as much as you require to grade the CT (scrolling left and right is similar to going through the axial slices). If you prefer to make the scan larger, click "PLAY" on the scan, then click "Youtube" on the bottom right of the scan, then press "f". This will make the scan full screen.

Please do not discuss with others or refer to any resources prior to scoring - score these scans independently as you would for an actual patient. Your results will remain anonymous.

You may share this survey with anyone in your institution that may use the modified Fisher Scale. We ask that you limit it to physicians out of training.

Scan 1 - 5mm slices
Scan 1 *
SAH 2 - 2.5mm slices
Scan 2 *
Scan 3 - 5mm slices
Scan 3 *
Scan 4 - 3mm slices
Scan 4 *
Scan 5 - 2.5mm slices
Scan 5 *
Scan 6 - 2.5mm slices
Scan 6 *
Scan 7 - 2.5mm slices
Scan 7 *
Scan 8 - 5mm slices
Scan 8 *
Scan 9 - 3mm slices
Scan 9 *
Scan 10 - 5mm slices
Scan 10 *
Scan 11 - 2.5mm slices
Scan 11 *
Scan 12 - 2.5mm slices
Scan 12 *
Scan 13 - 2.5mm slices
Scan 13 *
Scan 14 - 5mm slices
Scan 14 *
Scan 15 - 5mm slices
Scan 15 *
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