2015-16 SLS FINAL Cool Tools Completion Log
Hip Hip Hooray! You've finished your Cool Tools for Schools learning project. Congratulations. In order to receive PD credit, check off the Lessons you have completed. Finish 5 or 10 Things by the deadline set by your SLS. 10 PD hours (for 5 Things) or 20 PD hours (for 10 Things)

*****NOTE: The BONUS LESSON is the first one in the list of lessons*****

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Thing 1: Blogging
Thing 2: Photo Fun
Thing 3: Online Communities Personal Learning Networks
Thing 4: Digital Storytelling & Presentation Tools
Thing 5: Curation Tools
Thing 6: Audio Tools
Thing 7: DIY - You Pick
Thing 8: Screencasting & Screen Sharing
Thing 9: Databases and Search Tools
Thing 10: Final Reflection
Thing 11: Coding
Thing 12: Collaborating, Connecting, Sharing
Thing 13: RSS & Feed Readers
Thing 14: Media Skills
Thing 15: Web Presence (including LibGuides)
Thing 16: Digital Tattoo & Digital Citizenship
Thing 17: DIY - You Pick!
Thing 18: Online Learning & DIY PD
Thing 19: Social Reading & Book Stuff
Thing 20: Final Reflection
Thing 21: Geolocation & Mapping Tools
Thing 22: Productivity Tools
Thing 23: Create a Resource Guide
Thing 24: Makerspaces
Thing 25: Infographics & Data Visualization
Thing 26: Power up your Browser!
Thing 27: DIY - You Pick!
Thing 28: Emerging Tech: Scanning the Horizon
Thing 29: Student Assessment Tools
Thing 30: Final Reflection
Thing 31: Evidence Based Practice – Getting Started
Thing 32: Evidence Based Practice – Collecting Data
Thing 33: Taking the Lead: Connecting with your Stakeholders
Thing 34: Annual Reports – Make them Matter
Thing 35: Digital Portfolios for Students
Thing 36: Flash Cards, Quiz Games and more
Thing 37: DIY - You Pick!
Thing 38: App-palooza!
Thing 39: News Literacy
Thing 40: Final Reflection
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