EARCOS Leadership Mentoring (ELM) Programme registration
This google form is for those interested in being involved in the ELM program as mentors or mentees.

The EARCOS Leadership Mentoring (ELM) program is open to those in leadership positions such as heads of school, principals, learning leaders, etc. wishing to become a mentor, be mentored, or to develop a peer-to-peer mentoring relationship.

Any queries please contact Bill Olread boldread@earcos.org or Chris Jansen chris@leadershiplab.co.nz
Section 1: Logisitics
1) Name *
2) Email address (primary and secondary) *
3) Current school and country *
4) Current position and length of time in that position *
5) Size of current school *
6) Type of current school *
7) Grade level configuration (tick all that apply) *
Section 2: Background
8) Previous schools and leadership roles *
9) Qualifications and training *
10 ) Other leadership experience
11) Coaching or mentoring experience (as mentor or mentee)
12) Coaching or mentoring training
13) Interests and hobbies
Section 3: Purpose and preferences
14) What type of role would you like in ELM? (tick all that apply) *
15) Why are you interested in being involved in the ELM program? What do you hope to contribute and receive? *
16) What preference do you have for your mentor or mentee? (ie: experience or skill set, gender, ethnicity, current country, role)
17) What qualities and skill sets do you bring to the mentoring relationship? *
18) Are you prepared to commit to 3-4 hours per month for a year (ie 1-2 sessions per month)? *
19) Are you prepared to come to the pre-conference workshop at ELC 2021 to meet your partner and receive training and peer feedback? *
20) Any other comments that would help us with the matching process etc?
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