Mythmusica Vendor Application
Baltimore Faerie Faire is over, and the Baltimore Faeries Market is just about full- would you like to vend in... Delaware? At Mythmusica?
2019 marks the return of Mythmusica, a music festival of epic and intimate proportions, a whimsical craft fair, and a chance to camp in nature with your friends and faeries!
All potential vendors will be juried. No mass produced items. We do not accept MLMs, like Amway, LuLaRoe, Eye Candy, etc. We support craftspeople! If you are unsure, ask.
(If you reading this in March or April - there is one day fae festival May 11- vendor app: Baltimore Faerie Faire itself is full, except for some Ball spots!)
The Market at Mythmusica is open July 26, set up beginning at 2pm Friday, July 26. The main event scheduling of bands is Saturday July 27. You may be open Friday and Sunday of you desire, with everyone packing up by 2pm Sunday. Patrons of your wares can come in from 4pm Friday to 2pm Sunday.
Vending space is limited, subject to availability, and assigned on a first-paid-first-served basis, after jury.
Vendors are WELCOME to buy camping on Friday and Saturday night, or just set up for Saturday the 27th, but we are a rural location and we will want your vehicle unloaded and parked by 10am Saturday.
If accepted as a vendor, you will be sent an invoice via PAYPAL, which will serve as a contract.
Entertainment is scheduled for Saturday, and will spontaneously occur at all other times.
~Outdoor Space~
10"x10'' space is $50 if paid within 10 days of your invoice. After that, $60. If not paid in the next 5 days, $75. If not paid by July 20, $100 for the same 10"x10" space. This pays for the space, and admission for the vendor, one vendor's helper and any children that might tag along.
There is no raindate!! Vendors are responsible for their own tents, tables, and lock boxes.

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