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I appreciate your helping me help you via King's Corner. Some of these questions include some possible responses that have occurred, just to help your thinking. But all of them will have "other," which lets you write your own thoughts. And some of them just ask you to write a response. Please don't consider it an obligation, but an opportunity. I would like it to be worthwhile for us to spend a little bit of time together, and this will help me make it worth it to you.

By the way, this is all anonymous, unless you choose to share your contact information with me at the end of this. I will only leave this up for about a month, though--probably through about June 15, 2016.

Thank you!

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What was it you were interested in from King's Corner to begin with? Choose all that apply.
Why not? *
If you haven't read King's Corner in recent weeks, why not? Choose all that apply.
What did you like? *
Do you remember what you liked before? If not, this could be a place to say what you think you would like.
This is your chance to tell me in very specific terms what kind of things you would like for me to write about more, or do more. I'm including some things I've been thinking about, and as usual there will be an "other" option. But at the end will be a paragraph block where you can tell me in detail what else might be in "other."
Your situation
You may or may not have been with me long. If you remember what you were seeking when you came across King's Corner, what was going on in your life, what you wanted, can you share that with me? I will not share this with anyone else--this is just to help me get to know you better.
Your answer
You do a lot of reading. You are bombarded by web pages and emails. I don't want to waste your time. So, ultimately, tell me what you would like to see from me. What would make you glad to see an email from me, or make you want to check the web site or refer back to it? How can I help?
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Contact info
Notice that I haven't asked you for your name or anything so far. Notice also that this is NOT a required question. If you give more honest answers anonymously, I'm cool with that. If you would like for me to write back to you personally about any of the above, just tell me your name and email address here.
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