Garden to Plate with Under a Tin Roof
From Garden to Plate: How to Grow and Cook Your Own Whole Foods
12pm Saturday March 30th, R7 Barn. 337 Cemetery Lane Grandview, IA.

Are you ready to change your lifestyle and introduce more whole foods to your family’s lives? It
was learning the value of whole, real foods that changed instructor Kayla Haupt’s life along with
her family’s to live more slowly and simply by the seasons. The best way to change up your
eating habits is to start growing food yourself! Learn how to start and plan your own small home
garden, get the most out of your harvest, and cook by the seasons. This workshop will cover how
to switch over your kitchen to incorporating more fresh and whole (unprocessed) foods, how to
plan a garden and start seeds, how many plants your family needs to be successful, companion
planting, keeping out pests and diseases naturally, and how to eat what you grow. Feel better
each and every day by feeding your body the best food possible: the kind you grow yourself!

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