I Love Clarkston Inspirational Leader 2019 Nomination Form
This prize will be awarded ​to the top inspirational person in Clarkston, providing direction and leadership to others. This could be a teacher, coach, group leader etc.

The winner will be chosen by an independent panel of judges. No identifiable information, such as name​ or gender, will be given to the panel, ensuring that the voting process is fair and unbiased​.

For more information, please email info@erbids.com.

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With regards to the reason you are nominating this person, with which group, organisation or school do they carry out these duties? *
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This is your opportunity to tell us more about the person you are nominating. You can tell us more about what they have achieved and anything else that can give the Committee more of a picture on who they are. Think of it as a mini-biography. You'll have an opportunity further in this form to explain why you have nominated them and how they have contributed to the community. Maximum 250 words.
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Why are you nominating this person? *
The Committee would like to know what you think makes this person an 'Inspirational Leader'. Consider how the community or groups have benefited from their work. What makes this person unique? Are there specific examples of their work or projects they have contributed to that could support this nomination? Maximum 250 words.
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If you have any supporting documentation please include it here.
This can include links to Facebook or other social media channels, websites, press releases or any other information you feel could be relevant to this nomination.
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Describe your relationship to this person. *
Use the box below to explain how you know this person and how you became aware of their work which has led to this nomination. Your relationship with the nominee will have no bearing on the outcome of this nomination, it is simply to provide us with a better understanding of the nominators and nominees. Please note that we welcome nominations from family members and those you have a close personal relationship with. Maximum 250 words.
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We may use this information to contact you at a later date regarding your nominee. By providing this information you agree to the organizing team potentially contacting you. All information is stored in compliance with GDPR regulation.
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Please use this box to provide us with any additional information that has not been covered above but you feel is relevant to your application.
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