Sudanese Poetics Archive - Anonymous Survey
Please fill out this short and completely anonymous survey (emails are not collected). This survey is open to anyone (18+) of any race living in America, Sudan and even other countries. This survey is to collect data about the audience of 

This would be very helpful for my research to know how my website and digital archives is evolving. Also, present the importance of the need of free speech in Sudan and representing Sudanese literature in American libraries.  

Thank you for your time!
Are you Sudanese? *
Your age? *
Are you Sudanese living in Sudan and/or abroad? *
Have you ever read a poem written by a Sudanese poet before? (Any language) *
How has the lack of freedom of speech in Sudan impacted you? (As Sudanese or not) *
If you're not Sudanese what did you learn from my website?
Which poem(s) from my website is your favorite and why?
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