OSU Spirit Band Audition Information Form
Thank you for your interest in auditioning for the OSU Spirit Band! OSUSB is open to ANY current students at Oklahoma State University; you do not have to be a member of the Cowboy Marching Band. All standard band instruments (piccolo, flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, mellophone, baritone, trombone, tuba) will be auditioned along with rhythm section including drum set, bass guitar, and electric guitar. Please provide the information below, and then select your specific audition time (you will see this link when you finish the information form). We are adding section leaders and student conductors this season. More information about these positions is forthcoming.

Audition material will consist of the Trilogy (Waving Song, Ride 'Em Cowboys, and OSU Chant) and the chromatic scale for woodwind and brass instruments. Rhythm section should prepare Ride 'Em; drum set players should demonstrate different styles (rock, funk, Latin, swing, etc.). If you need the music, it is available on this website: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/v8z1fmxbg9e2r9n/AAACaWbKN5sXGUqxdOTcWexqa?dl=0

SIGN-UP for a specific audition time at the following link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1wdiWtNg4_i9Q-QOl3fmbxAH_MclAqBAgZe-nHus2CUY/edit?usp=sharing

Rehearsals will take place either every Monday from 6:10-6:45pm or every Tuesday from 12:30-1:45pm in the band hall, Seretean 118. When the time changes later in the season, rehearsals will begin at roughly 5:45pm.

If you have questions, please e-mail marc.sosnowchik@okstate.edu.

Go Pokes!

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