Creator Tokens Usability Testing
Atlas (powered by Joystream) is a video platform controlled, owned, and operated by its users. As we're working on rolling out Creator/Social Tokens functionality, we'd love to get your feedback on it! If you’re interested in going through prototypes we put together occasionally, during 30-min sessions with us, we’d love to give you a BitCoin cash reward, as a thank you for your contribution to the project.

The survey below takes around 3 minutes to complete and is going to help us in making sure you are entertained and navigating a mix of familiar and unfamiliar topics.
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Have you ever heard about the Atlas video platform before? *
How often do you upload videos to online video sharing platforms, such as YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook, etc?
Short video content platforms (TikTok, Instagram) are not included
Have you ever uploaded a video to any of the online video platforms listed below? Which one?
Short video content platforms (TikTok, Instagram) are not included
How familiar are you with web3 concepts? *
How familiar are you with the concept of creator tokens/social tokens? *
Have you ever purchased or sold creator tokens/social tokens?
Can you list all online platforms you've been using in the past, offering creator/social tokens functionality?
User interviews are conducted over a video call where we need you to describe your thoughts in English. How would you describe your English level:
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