~Seminar Series 講座系列~ Early Childhood Education in BC and Canada: Careers in demand 海外社區的幼兒教育:卑詩省和加拿大的熱門行業 (線上分享會)
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Features 主要特色:Main session (30 mins)  主題分享 (30分鐘) + Q & A session (30 mins) 問答環節 (30分鐘)
Main session (30 mins)  
a. Early Childhood Education in BC and Canada
b. How to obtain qualifications and pursue careers as early childhood educators in BC and Canada
如何在 卑詩省和加拿大獲得專業資格並從事幼兒教育的熱門行業

Q & A session (30 mins)
問答環節 (30分鐘)
- 幼兒多語發展課 1 節(由大學教授主講)
- 電子書 2 本(可用作教材)
- 網上書法課 1 節
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Organizers 主辦機構
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1. Featured Speaker 主講嘉賓 : Mr. Keith Chan 陳奕彬 (MEd., MA, LL.M, RSW) - President of Christian EduCultural Association
2. Featured Speaker 主講嘉賓 : Ms. Amelia Ng 吳酉美 - Founder and Executive of CARES Global Student Services
Date 日期: 30/05/2020 (Saturday 星期六)
Time 時間: 10:00 - 11:00am (Hong Kong time 香港時間)
Online platform for the event 活動使用的直播平台: Zoom
Meeting info will be sent to the registered participants one day before the seminar
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