7 Mindsets Pre- and Post-Survey for Students
Grade *
I have high expectations for myself. *
I am creative and imaginative. *
I am not afraid of taking risks. *
I can tell you what I am passionate about. *
I always say thank you when people help me. *
It is not important to me for people to tell me I am doing a good job. *
I am comfortable asking others for help. *
I always look for ways to help others. *
I feel comfortable talking to new people and making new friends *
I take responsibility for my actions. *
I do not allow others to control my life. *
I always seek ways to improve myself. *
I am aware of the great qualities I have. *
I know what my talents and interests are. *
I learn from the bad situations in my life. *
I am uncomfortable when new and wonderful things come into my life. *
I allow others to help me. *
I am a kind and giving person. *
I am taking steps right now to achieve my dreams. *
I am comfortable sharing my feelings with others. *
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