Halsway European Workshop Weekend 2020
Participant Information. We will share your responses with the course tutors to help them plan for the weekend. It will not be shared with anyone else.
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Please only complete this form if you have already booked a place on the Halsway Manor European weekend and paid a deposit. Please tick this box to confirm that you have booked a place:
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This course is aimed at musicians of an intermediate or advanced level; please tell us a little bit about your proficiency level, eg number of years played, grades, groups / ensembles that you play in, whether you regularly attend workshops or classes etc.
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What other instruments, if any, do you play? (Please bring them with you, whatever level you play at!)
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Please help the tutors prepare by telling us if you mostly play:
Do you require music to be transposed? If so, what transposition(s) do you need, and for what instrument(s)?
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For information: We provide music on the day, not in advance. We want everyone to approach the pieces together, fresh, and we may make changes to the material at the last minute depending on the mood and what instrumentation is available.
What kind of music do you usually play?
Which of the following are you interested in?
Very interested
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Not of interest
Playing more by ear
Playing more from scores
Developing improvisation skills
Playing with musicians from different backgrounds
Getting new ideas
Making new musical friends
Depending on numbers, we will be running two or possibly three ensemble groups. We allocate people to each group with the aim of getting a good mix of instruments in each one, and each ensemble / all the participants will work with all the tutors over the weekend. Some people will want to be in the same group as a significant other and/or friends(s) which we understand. However, this can lead an imbalance of instruments which isn't fair to everyone and doesn't help the overall aims of the course. It's about striking a balance between the needs and wishes of the many and the few. With this in mind if there's someone you really don't wish to be separated from please tell us below, and the course leaders will bear it in mind.
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Finally, if you have any disabilities or medical needs which the tutors need to be aware of, please note them down here:
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