Role Play - Talking White
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While at work, you receive a phone call. A female caller states "Good morning, may I speak to your supervisor regarding an event that occurred at your office yesterday. This is not a complaint; I want to provide a compliment to an employee". Your response to the caller is, "may I place you on hold to confirm my boss is available?" The caller responds "yes", you respond "thank you" and place the call on hold. You talk with your boss, who is available and, agrees to accept the phone call. After retrieving the call, you overhear a conversation between the female caller and another person. The female states "dis fool don't know who dey' dealin' wit; dat' waz cool how dey' handled me yesta'day an all n' I jus' wanna give a shout-out to shorty cause she waz all dat". What do you do? *
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