Zero Gravity Flight Class 2019 (MAS.S63)
Welcome to the application for the MIT Media Lab Space Exploration Initiative’s course on project development, prototyping, and deployment readiness for parabolic flights.

This course supports an annually chartered research flight. Admitted student teams will be offered project-deployment slots on the Media Lab Space Exploration Initiative’s Spring 2020 parabolic flight.

Please see the class website at for admission criteria and syllabus, and read through fully BEFORE applying. Email with any questions.
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Please list all affiliations, if the project is a cross-department collaboration.
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Please emphasize how the project would make use of the unique affordances of microgravity/hypergravity, address each of the core admission criteria, and include a list of any project collaborators/team members and dept affiliations. Note, we likely only have room for one person to accompany each project on the flight. Diagrams are welcomed, though not required (to submit additional content and context, feel free to add a link in the text response). We understand projects will evolve over the course of the class, but this submission should capture the core spirit and intent of the idea.
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Two answers required: approximate size of project hardware in cubic ft AND total operating/deployment space required (e.g. for accompanying flyer with buffer area to avoid disturbances).
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