IAU-WiA GRP3 Survey-2 on Impact of Covid-19 on the career and productivity of Astronomers
Dear colleagues,

Women in Astronomy and STEM career are underrepresented (refer to https://erc.europa.eu/news-events/magazine/woman-science-gender-balancing-erc) at universities and research organizations at permanent position level, and the Covid-19 pandemic (especially with virtual schooling) has made the situation more difficult for them. Women researchers (especially mothers) reported a significant decline in their research time, productivity, stability of their jobs (especially if they are working on fixed-term contracts), in getting funds,  and their pay-scales during the Covid-19 pandemic, as they are the primary caregivers of young children and elderly members at home.

This is a 5mins (max) simple survey conducted by the IAU WiA Working Group to study the impact of the Covid-19 situation on the career and productivity of Astronomers. The participants have an option to join the survey with their contact details or anonymously. The results of this survey will be used by the IAU WiA WG to create awareness and inform the community about the advantages and hurdles faced by Astronomers worldwide while working from home. We will publish the results of this survey in the IAU ENSEMBLE Magazine, for the benefit of the community so that the institutions and organizations get aware of the consequences of the Pandemic-type situations and take the necessary steps to support the career of women researchers.

Best regards,

IAU Women in Astronomy Working Group
email: iauwia2124@gmail.com
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Did you write any funding proposals since 2019? Was it successful? *
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What is your advice/suggestion for work assessment during the Pandemic situation in  Astronomy and STEM? *
Which mode of working do your support post pandemic (i-Physical with 5 days at the institution, ii-Hybrid with partly at the institution and partly remote work, iii-Mostly remote and work at the institution when needed for meetings, training sessions, laboratory test exercises, etc.)? Does your institute supports this mode of working? *
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