Calvin Worship Grant: Follow-up Survey
We were awarded a Vital Worship grant through the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship to experiment with new and innovative ways to engage children and youth in our Sunday worship time. In the past year, we've had children and youth lead worship songs, create liturgical banners, present pageants at Christmas, Pentecost, and much more. As this grant year concludes, we'd appreciate learning more about your experiences. All of your responses will be kept confidential.
The amount that children or youth have an active role in the service (playing an instrument, reading scripture, presenting a drama, etc) is: *
In the past year, were you present for children or youth leading during our Sunday worship time? *
If you selected yes, what memory stands out to you?
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Group worship elements that actively involve children and youth helps draw me into a worshipful experience. *
Which of the following helps you engage in more meaningful/active worship of God together? (Choose all that apply) *
How long has All Angels' been your primary faith community in NYC? *
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If you are a parent of a child or youth at All Angels', what has been your child's experience this year with participating in leading worship in various ways? Have they participated in pageants, leading songs, etc? Did they find them meaningful experiences?
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How would you describe the term "worship"? *
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What would you say is the purpose of worship? *
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What are experiences in corporate worship at All Angels' that stay with you for a long time or affect you throughout the week?
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Do you feel involved in worship?
If not, what would being involved look like?
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Anything else we have not covered on this survey that you would like to share about worship at All Angels'?
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