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Balancing high quality education with fiscal sustainability

Superintendent Dr. Peter Bang-Knudsen has updated staff and families on the financial picture for the upcoming school year. The good news is that BISD received resounding support from the election on Tuesday— the Educational Programs & Operations Levy and the Tech Levy passed with flying colors. Thank you! However, despite the passing of the levies, the district projects deep budget cuts are needed for the 2017-18 school year. The exact figure is not yet known, but it’s estimated that BISD will need to cut between $2.1 to $3.2 million from the operating budget.

In Option 1, there would be staff reductions (at a savings of approximately $1 million) and deep cuts to programs, support services and elective reductions and/or eliminations district-wide (at a savings of approximately $1.1 - $2.2 million).

In Option 2, there would still be the same staff reductions (approximately $1 million) but there would be less cuts to programs, support services, etc. (approximately $0.5 - $1.6 million). In addition, there would be school and program consolidation while expanding the Options Programs (at a savings of $0.5 - $0.7 million).

Please respond to the following questions. The information collected will be considered in the budgetary decision making process.

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Bainbridge Island School District

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