Practice Session Review for the Participant
Here are some simple questions to evaluate where you are before and after the session.
Name of person I am having a session with (optional)
My reason for this session
The person I am working with has explained to me the frame of the session and I am in consent to participating and listening to my own 'yes' and 'no' at all times.
Clear selection
I am aware the session may include touch and I have a right to say no or 'stop' when it doesn't feel right.
Clear selection
How do I feel coming into the session
Pretty much miserable
I am in optimal suberb state
Clear selection
After Session
please provide any and all feedback you wish - please note that this will be visible to your practitioner and her peers to provide support and supervision - YOU can remain anonymous!!
The session included
How likely is it I will pursue such a session again
I can testify to the benefits and would love to continue
Clear selection
Anything you want to communicate about your session
Thank you for your Honesty
Your answers and experience is a guidance to improve the quality of our love and care toward our clients. If your answers are discussed among peers - that will remain confidential among our small apprentice group and aims to solve problems that have come up. At no point will your name be mentioned.
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