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Honor loved ones, objects, or moments lost in the community-sourced installation, Recordando Recuerdos (Remembering Memories) at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History (MAH). We acknowledge 2020 has magnified and made the crisis experienced in our community significantly more visible. Through this, we have been continually reminded of the power of collective mourning and care.

Recordando Recuerdos will center on honoring life, death, and loss and be a part of the MAH and Senderos's annual Día de Muertos celebration.

Share the names of what you wish to honor and remember via the form below. Each name will be written on a vibrant colorful ribbon to be displayed on November 2nd at Evergreen Cemetery and in the MAH's upcoming 2021 exhibition, In These Uncertain Times.

Learn more about all the Día de Muertos happenings and when/where the installation will be displayed at

Thank you for your trust in sharing who and what you honor. Wishing you always a good morning ~

For more information please contact me Helen Aldana at or leave a voice message at 831.429.1964 ext. 7032 for a callback.

**You are welcomed to share loss experienced before and/or during Shelter in Place/continual rise of the Black liberation movements in 2020/CZU Lightning Fires.
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