The Other Immigrant List

On January 26, 2017, Donald Trump signed into law an order mandating the Secretary for Homeland Security to make public a list of criminal actions committed by immigrants living in the U.S.

The Other Immigrant List, (TOIL) intends to counteract Trump's anti-immigrant propaganda by collecting and publishing our own list of contributions made by immigrants across the U.S.

Trumps anti-immigrant propaganda looks like the Nazi-Era policy that stoked public fear toward Jews living in Germany in the 1930's. Its flawed and racist.

Race and legal status have nothing to do with whether someone is a criminal or not, but Trump is doing anything that will justify the deportation of millions of immigrants.

We need to tell our story and the contributions and actions we've made. We need to fight back by countering the anti-immigrant rhetoric.

So, we are generating a list of all those contributions and need your help. Your voice needs to be heard today more than ever.

Responses will later be made public and will be published in media websites, and publications.
We are not publishing personal information. We will only need your first name.

When you are finished, you can share your story anywhere using the hashtag #theotherimmigrantlist.

Thank you,

The TOIL Team

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