Audition Sign-Ups for PIPPIN
Roles will be cast based on auditions.
If you cannot make arrangements to attend one of the scheduled auditions, you cannot be cast for a part in the show.
By auditioning, you are agreeing to accept the role for which you are cast and you agree to make the show a top priority.
As an extracurricular activity, you are must abide by all school rules.
You must stay in good standing academically.
As a participant, you must be respectful, responsible and reliable.
All participants and their parents must sign and return a "Region 6 Players Code of Conduct" prior to the first rehearsal.
(These will be available at auditions and on the Region 6 Players site .)

There is an expectation that all parties involved will prioritize the production, understanding that our productions cannot exist without the cooperation and participation of all cast, crew, pit, and production staff.

The Director retains the right to recast and/or dismiss any participant.

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Participants must be enrolled and currently attending a Region 6 school OR Litchfield High School.
Please list any medical issues, concerns, or allergies about which the production staff should be made aware. *
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The majority of our communication is through email so please type accurately.
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Again, the majority of our communication has traditionally been through email so please type accurately.
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Potential conflicts *
Please note your other scheduled activities between August 29th & December 8th.
Please list any standing commitments and/or potential conflicts that you have between August 29th and December 8th... *
You must include dates and times. (NOTE: Excused absences are ones that are listed here, in advance. The production team does work to schedule rehearsals so that people can meet their other commitments but, we need to know about them well in advance.)
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Part for which you are auditioning: *
Choose one or more. PLEASE DO NOT CHECK THEM ALL. There are boxes at the bottom for ENSEMBLE or ANY/ALL if you don't really know what you want and you'll try anything.
Is there anything that you think we should know about why you do OR do not think a particular role is for you?
This is your opportunity to plead your case.
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I will attend the audition scheduled for the following date: *
Auditions will be held in the Wamogo auditorium (if the renovations are complete) OR the Wamogo band room (if the renovations to auditorium are not complete). Be prepared to get your number & have a headshot taken prior to auditions. This helps our casting process especially when we don't know a student's name yet. Enter the building through doors to the left of the cafeteria OR on the auditorium side of the building.
CALLBACKS!>>> I understand that callbacks will be in the afternoon on THURSDAY, AUGUST 29th, 2019 BEGINNING at 5:00 PM. *
A list will be posted on the website and sent via email after Wednesday's final auditions & deliberations are complete. Some roles may be cast without a callback. ONLY THOSE THAT ARE CALLED BACK MAY ATTEND.
I understand that the shows are scheduled for Friday, December 6th; Saturday, December 7th; and Sunday, December 8th, 2019. *
To answer yes, and to commit to the production, please type your full name as your answer. Thank you!
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