Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship
Somatic Symposium is passionately committed to social justice, diversity, equity and inclusion. We believe self awareness and wellness should be accessible to all, regardless of skin color, sexual identity, gender, sexual orientation, ability, ethnicity, or religion. Our Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship was established to help members of underreprested communities by providing financial aid for People of Color*, Native American individuals, differently-abled persons, women, and members of the LGBT community.

Scholarships do not cover full tuition but are intended to increase the accessible to underrepresented communities. DIS scholarships are not exclusively needs based. They are open to any person who identifies with one or more of our diverse groups. Our intention is to provide access despite systemic barriers to self care and wellness for marginalized and oppressed communities. However, we do ask that applicants be mindful of their needs. So that the scholarship we award may benefit those who might not otherwise be able to attend the symposium. This scholarship is made possible by funding from Dynamic Essence Chiropractic Center.

*Referring to current racial and/or ethnic minority groups, as defined by the government EEOC criteria.

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