DanseFestival Barents
We invite professionals to participate in a seminar series to contribute to the further development of production and dissemination of art for children and youth.

DanseFestival Barents invites professionals who work with the production of art for children and youth to Hammerfest. During this year's festival we reflect on methods and approaches in the performing arts created in Norway and the Barents Region. We watch and discuss performances for and with children, local and international artists and professionals share their thoughts and experiences, we have roundtable discussions and conversations. How can we, as artists, mirror everyday life and the thoughts of children and young people in today's society and our region? Can we work with children's thoughts and reflections in a better and more constructive way? The aim of the seminar is to reflect, as well as to create a network for further collaboration and development of the field at a regional and national level.

More information about ISOBAR and the full programme of the festival visit www.dansefestivalbarents.no

Please note that registration is binding, and that we have limited capacity.
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