Child Dedication Request Form
Throughout scripture the family and the home became the vehicle in which faith was passed down from one family member to another. It wasn’t the church, or the role of a priest or pastor, it was the faith community, the grandparents, aunts, and uncles, brothers and sisters, close friends and relatives, and lastly it was the role of parents, mom’s and dad’s.

We find that faith is naturally passed on in the natural flow of life, it’s when you're driving with you child, giving a bath, sharing a bowl of cereal together, these are the moments that God can use to instill and cultivate faith.

The act of dedication is one of presenting and one of faith, in which as parents we are acknowledging that it is God who ultimately knows how to best parent this child and our response is to listen and pay attention to the promptings of God in our life, and to model what it mean to be a Christ follower.

The next Child Dedication will be on a Saturday in October from 9:30 to 11:00am.

There will be a mandatory class two weeks before on a Sunday.

Once you complete the information below, you will receive a reminder and more information as we get closer to these dates.
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