HOSTING Registration for a HUNGER RUN - Office team building events, Faith Institutions, House Party, Picnic at a Park or Know Your Neighbor event - Feed the Hungry and have fun with friends and family - Be part of a GOOD DEED and join a passionate Community .

How does it work?

1. Host reserves a location to prepare meal packages. Host Location can be a home, office, Faith institution, School, Park , One world Community Cafe in Philipsburg NJ, etc.

2 Host Recruits 6 or more volunteers to prepare 100 to 10K or any number of meal packages(Minimum 100).

3. Host will Register on-line for an available HOSTING date and time for a HUNGER RUN.

4. HUNGER VAN will arrive at the HOST location with all the needed supplies to prepare meals and one meal prep Supervisor/Coach.

5. Volunteers will be instructed by the Supervisor/Coach; what to do, and how to prepare meals.

6. It would take 2 to 3 hours to complete the meals prep event.

7. Volunteers can follow the HUNGER VAN in their own transportation for meals distribution (not required).

8. Host will also be responsible to raise funds ($5.30 per meal/package) to sponsor the supplies provided by Hunger Van and transportation cost. If needed Hunger Van Project will raise funds to subsidize and fund the HUNGER RUN,
please contact us to request sponsorship.

By registering for this event, Host and all the volunteers of all ages agree that any pictures or video taken at the event may be used by Hunger Van Project or its assignee for any non-profit purposes.

Any events conducted in schools with under-age volunteers will require a parent or legal guardian’s written consent/permission form to be photographed at events.

For questions and more information, please contact:

Zamir Hassan

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