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Contact us at 425-765-3421 or
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When: Friday, April 13th
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Where: 2707 152nd Avenue NE, Suite 6L, Redmond, WA 98052 (Prime Factor Learning Center at Overlake)
Cost: $15
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We need your permission to release your student’s name to Noetic Learning. In case you don't want your child name to be published, we will release a number code instead of a name.
Noetic Learning will recognize the contest winners by publishing the top 10% of students (name, score, school and state ) and the top 50% of students (name, school and state) on its web site. If you don’t wish your child’s name to be displayed, we will assign a code name to your child, such as, ‘student 04’, and enter him/her as ‘student 04’ in the contest.
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