LLL MGE Reporting District 4: Brooklyn/Staten Island
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Please share some of the highlights of this month’s meeting. What was the format of the meeting?
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Please list the titles of books added to your Group library this month.
Do you have outreach forms, letters, newspaper articles or meeting ideas to share with your District this month?
Describe what the material was used for and email a copy to anniefrisbie@gmail.com
Any outside speaking engagements, fund-raisers, or other meetings (besides regular series meetings) planned (e.g., Toddler, Couples, WIC, etc.)?
All require District Advisor and/or Professional Liaison notification in advance and a follow-up report.
What can your District Advisor do to help you or your group? Any questions?
Leader Applicants: Do you have any LAs? What communication or preparation have you had with your LAs this month?
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