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About SEEN:
Startup and Emerging Entrepreneurs Network (SEEN) is a non-profit association in Afghanistan which is striving for the growth and sustainability of start-ups and entrepreneurs in Afghanistan. SEEN advocates for startups through open dialogue with government and other stakeholders in order to create an enabling environment for the startup businesses and emerging entrepreneurs to smoothly start and successfully grow their dream companies.

Startup and Emerging Entrepreneurs Network (SEEN), was formed by a group of individuals and startup-friendly organizations after realizing that startups’ and emerging entrepreneurs concerns cannot be addressed by existing private sector advocacy entities.

SEEN is now open to accept membership applications both online and offline. As a non-profit association SEEN's main revenue to recover its administrative costs is a membership fee, however keeping in mind the limitations of our potential members, SEEN keeps its membership fee at lowest as described below:

Membership Fee : 1,000 afs / Annually
Student Membership Fee: 750 afs / Annually

As a newly established organization, SEEN now supports startups as follows, however as the organization grows and the concerns of startups and emerging entrepreneurs are more communicated to us through our members, the support domain will become larger.
1. Listening to startups entrepreneurs of their challenges
2. Advocacy with the government for startups based on the members' voice
3. Knowledge of policy and regulatory topics for startups and entrepreneurs
4. National and international networking and recognition opportunities for startups and entrepreneurs

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