National Conference on “Educating Child, Empowering Nation”
National Conference on “Educating Child, Empowering Nation”

The conference, “Educating Child, Empowering Nation” is being organized on 10th October 2021 to recognize the completion of one year of “National Education Policy (NEP) 2020”. This conference aims to put forward the main aspects of the NEP 2020 in the presence of academicians and practitioners from the grassroot level. We also wish to engage with our youth to know their aspirations and perspectives for transforming education as envisioned in NEP-2020.


- Young Thinkers and researchers in age group of 15-35 years
- High School Students to Students pursuing PhD
- Other Research Scholars/practitioner/NGO Representative

You can join this conference as a Participants as well as Speaker. Speaker will be identified through research article submission. All shortlisted speakers will get a chance to share their thoughts on the given topics along with well known Teachers, Academicians and person from different backgrounds.


We invite research articles on “NEP 2020” on following 15 themes;
1. Emphasis on ECCE: Game changer for Indian education
2. Creating Dedicated Cadre for Pre-School Educators: Challenges & Solutions
3. Strengthening Anganwadi, Empowering School Education
4. Ensuring Safe School Campus: Health & Hygiene in NEP 2020
5. Access to Education: Issue of Quality & Equity
6. Providing Education in Remote Areas: Challenges and opportunities
7. Role of Pupil Teachers Ratio in ensuring quality Education
8. Dropout Issues in School: Challenges and Strategies
9. Providing Better Infrastructure: A Key element of Student’s Learning
10. Making Self-Reliant India through Skill- Based Education
11. Technology in education: accessibility, opportunities , issues
12. Prioritizing Girl’s Education: Passport to the Future
13. Engaging Society, Transforming Schools
14. Problems of Adolescents and Role of Teachers: Dilemmas & Resolutions
15. Co-curriculum Activities: Complementing the Regular Curriculum
16. Educating transgender societies : why important and issues


1. The submissions will be judged on originality and creativity, knowledge and clarity of subject matter.
2. Eligibility- academicians and students between 15-35 years of age.
3. Abstract : 300-400 words limit: Minimum 3000 words, Maximum 5000 words (exclusive of footnote).
4. Font: Times New Roman. Font Size: 12, Line spacing: 1.5
5. Relevant sources must be duly acknowledged and all submission must follow the “American Psychological Association: 7th Edition (APA style) for citation and referencing.
6. The selection procedure will include the approval of the abstract. Interested candidate shall submit their abstract of 300 - 400 words till 5th October 2021, 11:59 pm. The communication of approval of the abstract will follow the selection of the articles. The final selection of the articles is confined to the absolute discretion of the editorial board.
7. The last date to submit the research paper is 8th October 2021, 11:59 pm.
8. Submissions should be mailed to docx format with the subject as “Article Submission NEP 2020”.
9. The authors shall receive an acknowledgment email on receipt of the abstract within 5 days.
10. More than one author can jointly write a research article.

1. Best 3 Articles will be rewarded with cash prize (Rs 1000 for 1st, Rs 750 for 2nd and Rs 500 for 3rd respectively)
2. The selected manuscripts will be published on our website as e-Book.
3. An e-certificate will be provided to all selected manuscripts.
4. The best 20 writers would get a chance to present their article in front of the panelist on the day of the conference.
5. The candidates of the best 10 papers would be provided with an internship opportunity at SarkariSchool.In

For further queries, email to us at or WhatsApp on 8789147033

ABOUT SARKARISCHOOL.IN is an initiative brought forward by We Citizens Foundation to build a platform for those working in the field of education. The goal is to uplift the future of the new generation through various social and youth led initiatives. This initiative is joined by thousands of youngsters and more than five-hundred teacher across India. They have come together to rebuild Government School system with a creative and constructive approach.

In past, organisation has conducted various policy consultations workshop, webinar and conferences on various topics, including a national conference on 10 Years of RTE with NLU Odisha and National Conference on National Education Policy with Shyama Prasad Mukherji College for Women, University of Delhi.

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