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We are a Research Coordination Network funded by the National Science Foundation dedicated to linking terrestrial, freshwater, and marine ecologists with economists, sociologists, statisticians, modelers, and resource managers to develop a synthetic understanding in what governs ecosystems’ resistance and resilience to tropical cyclones. In addition to connecting people, another core effort of HERS is to synthesize a growing, publicly available database on ecosystem responses to hurricanes. Visit the Data section of our website to view and contribute to our growing database that currently has >30 years of storm characteristics and ecosystem response data from >45 storms.

We welcome all people of diverse career stages, races, ethnicities, religions, gender identifications, sexual orientations, abilities, incomes, marital statuses, ages, geographic locations, philosophies, and veteran statuses to join the network.

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This form was created with modifications from other RCN membership forms including Evolving Seas, Drought Net, and Permafrost Coastal Erosion.
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In addition to our 'HERS workshop Publications' section on our website, we would like to form a "Relevant and Recent Publications"  of our HERS members' work. Do you have any recent publications since 2018 to showcase that is related to ecosystem responses to tropical cyclones? Please list here with a ";" between each publication. Below is our preferred citation style description.
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Hogan, J. Aaron, et al. (2020) A Research Framework to Integrate Cross-Ecosystem Responses to Tropical Cyclones. BioScience 70.6: 477-489. https://doi.org/10.1093/biosci/biaa034
Is it OK for HERS to display the above information on our website? If no, we will keep your information confidential, and you can continue to complete this form to become a HERS member.  
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These next two questions will let us gauge our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusive Goals
HERS welcomes and encourages all people regardless of age, culture, race, ethnicity, gender identity or expression, national origin, physical or mental disability, politics, religion, sex, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, or subculture. To accomplish our goals – foster connections between those investigating ecosystems’ resistance and resilience to tropical cyclones and synthesize an open access database on ecosystems’ responses to hurricanes – we aim for our network to reflect our global diversity, both in people and locations that are impacted by tropical cyclones. Importantly, the more reflective of society’s diversity HERS Network is, the greater opportunity we have to see all possible answers to a problem, forming holistic findings and solutions. We promote diversity and equity via an inclusive network, a focus on diversity in leadership and membership, and using multiple platforms to facilitate global engagement within our activities and events.
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Race and/or Ethnicity (defined by NSF)
Black or African American: A person having origins in any of the black racial groups of Africa.

American Indian or Alaska Native: A person having origins in any of the original peoples of North and South America (including Central America) and who maintains tribal affiliation or community attachment.

Asian: A person having origins in any of the original peoples of the Far East, Southeast Asia, or the Indian subcontinent; for example, Cambodia, China, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan, the Philippine Islands, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander: A person having origins in any of the original peoples of Hawaii, Guam, Samoa, or other Pacific islands.

White: A person having origins in any of the original peoples of Europe, the Middle East, or North Africa.

Hispanic or Latino: A person of Cuban, Mexican, Puerto Rican, South or Central American, or other Spanish culture or origin, regardless of race.

Race and/or Ethnicity (defined by NSF)
This last section is to help us better understand what you would like to contribute and gain as a HERS member
Would you be interested in a 'take-over' of our Twitter handle to post about about your research or other research you find interesting regarding tropical cyclone ecology or socio-ecology, or their intersection?
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Would you be interested in writing a post for our newsfeed about your research, or other research that you find interesting regarding tropical cyclone ecology or socio-ecology, or their intersection?
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Would you be interested in hosting one of our monthly webinars that will have an invited speaker discussing their research about tropical cyclone ecology or socio-ecology, or their intersection?
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