OER Textbook Adoption Notification
Please use this form to make the OER Initiative aware that you have adopted an open education resource (OER) as your primary textbook in lieu of a commercial, for-pay textbook. The Library, Learning Resources & Distance Education (LLRDE) Division will support you in your endeavors by making a print copy of the textbook available in the Library, the Learning Resource Center, and at the Milpitas Extension. LLRDE will also provide you with a printed "desk copy" of the OER and will make sure the course is identified as a zero-textbook-cost ("ZTC") course in SJCC's online schedule.
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The course currently uses an OER textbook.
If you answered "Correct" to the question above, skip this item. If you answered "Incorrect," please explain at what point you plan to use the text in your course.
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OER Textbook Information
If you are using more than one OER textbook per course, you will need to submit this form again with the second textbook title, license information, and link.
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Materials Cost Statement
All materials (including textbooks, texts, and other media) used in this course are free to students.
If you answered "Correct" to the question above, skip this item. If you answered "Incorrect," please itemize the materials and/or applications you may use that are not free, and list their costs.
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