Your Mythic Self: Beta Application

Welcome beauty! Thank you so much for applying for the Mythic Self Beta Program. This immersive journey is a soulful exploration of your Mythic Self through art, healing, and sacred sexuality. Our official launch is later this year, and we're excited to share this journey to an intimate beta tester group.



Beta Testers for the The Mythic Self Journey commit to journeying with us for three months. At the end of month three, you fill out a feedback form about your experience that should take no more than 15-20 minutes max. Should you decide to complete the full journey, as a beta tester you will automatically receive the discounted tuition fee for the remainder of the 9 Keys.

AND If you share a video on your experience, you will also receive a 90 min One-on-One Sacred Creation Immersion - where we delve into your sacred purpose & gifts, design a structure of implementation, and support you in aligning your belief structures to this dream map.

1. Please fill out the form and we'll get back to everyone who applies. Please note, due to limited spaces (20 max) we cannot accept everyone who applies, but will respond with more details shortly.

2. Once we review applications, we will contact those who are ready to go all in with enrollment instructions.


JOURNEY DETAILS: Beta Journey officially starts February 11th. ENROLLMENT ENDS Feb 4th.

WHAT'S INCLUDED: During the initial three months beta journey, you'll receive:

On our twice monthly 90 min soul support calls, which acts to ground us together and prepare emotionally, physically, and mentally, you'll receive space for questions, support and guidance.

You'll be paired with a few other women to circle up monthly for additional support, friendship and accountability.


Each month has a specific theme you explore through your explorations - rituals, ceremonies, and projects you create. Each week you'll receive another clue to your exploration, which will include recorded stories/videos, writing rituals, and ART PROJECTS!!!

Beta Testers Receive an exclusive discount from the official journey with a nominal tuition fee of a one time payment of $299USD

3 Monthly installments of $97usd (savings of $600 off of regular journey investment plan)

***For those desiring to complete the full 9 Keys, you'll receive access to special pricing of $999 for all nine months.

We have five scholarships available to those unable to afford the nominal tuition fee. Please email our team directly at for more details.

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