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We are located in Florida, in the Orlando area.

A complete application is required of anyone seeking to purchase rats from HERO.  

You must be approved before any sale or arrangements can be made.  

Completing this form does not guarantee your approval.

Failure to complete this form in its entirety will result in automatic rejection.

DO NOT submit an application unless you are 18 years of age or older. Applications submitted by minors will not be approved. 

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Name of the rats you are applying for (if the rats appear in the Available Now section of our website, only). If you are applying to enter our General Wait List, just write 'Wait List' here. Please note our General Wait list now encompasses all pending litters - we no longer keep Wait List's for specific litters.  *
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Do you understand our rats are adopted out under strict NO BREEDING contracts? This means you cannot breed the rats you adopt from us: *
How many rats are you looking to adopt (we only adopt out 2+, as rats do require a same-sex buddy. This rule stands even if you already have other rats at home): *
How/where did you find us: *
Are you currently on any other Wait Lists (with other Ratteries?): *
After submitting this application, send an email to:  *
I understand that with any animal, there are certain risks that come with owning rats (such as salmonella). Do you confirm you have done your due diligence with proper research of possible health risks pertaining to owning pet rats? Always observe proper sanitation after handling animals. You further acknowledge that Little Heroes Rattery and its affiliates are not held liable for these risks: *
 When your rats die (natural or otherwise), if they develop tumors or have any illness of any nature, or if you encounter any issues with your rats, do you agree to let Little Heroes Rattery know (so that we can be aware of any potential issues in our breeding lines - so that we may address this within our breeding program): *
Do you understand that HERO retains First Right of Refusal for ALL adoptions (meaning, should you need/want to rehome any rat(s) you obtain from us, at any point in their lifetimes, you will offer to return the rat(s) to us before seeking a different home?: *
Do you understand you will be required to sign an Adoption Contract when picking up your rats: *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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