Custom Candle Order Request
After you fill out this order request, we will contact you to go over details and availability before the order is completed. If you would like faster service and direct information on current stock and pricing please contact us at Contact us at
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Pricing varies per scent and size of candle
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PLEASE KEEP IN MIND AFTER 2 SCENTS IT IS 2.00 PER SCENT | If you request a scent that is not available down below then we can procure it for an additional 4.00 to total price. We can provide a few trusted places we gather scents from such as: &
What Type of Scents do you or your giftee enjoy ? *
This helps us decide if the scent choice you've made is a proper choice. If we can know what you like to indulge in, then we can help make the proper decision.
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