Virtual Careers 2018 Survey

This is a confidential survey, we will keep your identity secret by NOT ASKING FOR IT.
We only ask you be honest and answer only once.
You will be able to see the results summarized, for free.
This will support the Virtual Careers Industry.
1. What do you do? *
2. How many months have you been a Virtual Professional? *
3. How many hours of work do you do per day on average? *
4. How much do you charge on average/hour? In USD. *
5. What's the largest per hour charge you've received EVER/ USD ? *
6. What did you finish? *
7. What courses of Jomar did you take? *
8. How many times have you read the Virtual Careers Book? *
9. Are you totally 100% honest with your answers? *
10.Do you have office hours? Answer No if you just submit work on a deadline and client's don't care what time you work. *
Thank you! The results will be emailed to you to help everyone see a good picture of the Virtual Careers Scene today - from a large set of VPs!
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