iPad Acceptable Use Policy (K-5th) 2019-2020
At The Banff School, our vision is to enhance learning through the integration of technology, which will enable our students to become life-long 21st century learners. To further augment technology integration, The Banff School has chosen to employ iPads as a personal learning tool for students. The iPad was selected because of its portability, user-friendliness, touch-technology, wide range support for apps, and low system maintenance.

The iPad Program will be in effect in grades Kindergarten-5th grade. iPads will be shared between classes using a
mobile “iPad cart” with enough iPads for every student in a class to have their own.

We want all Banff students to remember the three keys of proper iPad use:

These rules will be taught in the classroom prior to and during iPad use. We also ask that all parents read over
these three sets of rules with their children and then digitally sign this form acknowledging this has been completed and that you and your child understand the policies and rules.

With everyone’s help, we can insure our students have the best technology for learning!
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