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Please take your thyme to read fully the 2019 Shareholder's Agreement form and contact us if you have any questions or concerns prior to completion.
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"Pick Up Buddies" - Save a trip/Make a friend
Organically, in past seasons, on some occasions "Shareholder X" picked up / dropped off "Shareholder Y's" food box for them, and vice versa in following weeks. This is useful for friends or neighbours taking part in our program to reduce the time/costs associated with weekly pickups, or if for some reason, one Shareholder can not pick up their box in any given week. We will connect you with your nearest neighbour(s) who also agrees to participate in this program. After our initial match-making, it will be your responsibility to arrange with your pick up buddy(s) on a weekly basis at your discretion. You can opt in / out at your convenience.
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