Early Access Waitlist - Keploy V2
Join our exclusive early access waitlist for our innovative testing tool that generates test cases and data mocks, achieving 95% coverage by making API calls of all possible permutations and combinations in the request. 

Based on invaluable feedback 📝 from our user community, we've rebuilt Keploy from the ground up to deliver a vastly improved experience and to meet your needs more effectively.
  1.  Zero Code Change Integration 🔁 : One significant concern raised about Keploy V1 was the necessity for code changes for integration. We understand that this can be particularly challenging if you lack direct access or authority over the codebase. With Keploy V2, we've addressed this issue - no code modifications are required for seamless integration.
  2. Language-Agnostic Support 🌐 : Providing support for different languages, drivers/packages, and their respective versions wasn't feasible. However, Keploy V2 operates at a network protocol level, enabling support for various protocol versions such as HTTP, TLS, GRPC, Mongo, MySQL, Redis, and more. Once added, these protocols will be universally supported across all languages, runtimes, or drivers/packages.
  3. Native Docker/Kubernetes Support 🐳 : Keploy V2 is designed to natively support Docker/Kubernetes environments. This means to generate/record tests, you will need to install Docker and run your application on it.
  4. Asynchronous Processes Support ⏱ : Keploy V2 captures and replays asynchronous tasks effectively. We're also incorporating support for adding custom user-defined behaviours or assertions.
There's more coming soon to Keploy V2 than just these highlights:
  • AI-Driven Test Generation 🧠: Keploy will automatically uncover your API's edge cases and generate test cases to expose more code paths, thereby increasing code coverage.
  • Test Deduplication 📊 : Keploy detects duplicate/redundant tests automatically, which will be particularly useful if you plan to record numerous scenarios from a live environment and wish to retain only unique scenario tests.
  • Keploy Console 📈:  We are ensuring a smooth experience of visualising bugs found with Keploy and sharing reports with your team.

Interested in seeing Keploy in action? We'd love to show you. Let us know your availability for a demo here, and we'll arrange it accordingly. 📆
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