Minyan at Bais Abe
If you are filling this out on paper, please return to the Shul office.
If you prefer filling this out online, visit bit.ly/baminyan
In an effort to revitalize our minyan at Bais Abe we are looking for your commitment to attend our minyan. Please take this brief survey to help us grow this important part of our congregation. Thanks!
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Please select one or more of the following minyan options that you are able to attend on a weekly basis:
If you're not able to commit to one of the above options on a weekly basis, is there some other frequency you're able to (every other Thursday, first Tuesday of the month, last Friday evening of the month etc.)?
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Optional - Do you have any suggestions, feedback, questions for our minyan?
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Thank you for your time and commitment. We look forward to your participation in our minyan!
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