Future Beginner Band
After attending or viewing the Future Beginner Band meeting on 4/21/21 please submit this form. The video for the meeting will posted to knightband.com by 4/22/21.
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Choosing an instrument (and your band class schedule) for next year
There are 2 categories of instruments:
1. 'Big 4' (most popular, need the most of these instruments): flute; clarinet; trumpet trombone

2. 'Auxiliary Instruments' (require an audition; few are needed for a good band sound): oboe; bassoon; saxophone; horn; euphonium; tuba; and percussion

We have 3 classes for beginning band where we divide them by instrument family. Here is how they are scheduled during the day; 'Big 4' are in CAPS, and 'auxiliary' are in ():

1st period-FLUTE, TROMBONE (Euphonium, Tuba)
6th Period-CLARINET (Saxophone, Oboe, Bassoon)
7th Period-TRUMPET (French Horn)

Rank your preference of the 'Big 4' instruments (the most popular). This is a starting place to guide you to which class period you will be scheduled. If you do not make it on an 'auxiliary instrument' in that class period you will play your first choice 'Big 4' instrument. *
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4th Choice
Based on your 1st (or 2nd) choice in the previous question, please choose your student's band class period below. They may be interested in the 'auxiliary instruments' (listed in parenthesis) offered in that class period. *
Which elementary school is your child currently attending? *
What is your child's shirt size? We will deliver a FREE T-Shirt and Band Mask to your child's elementary. Or we will contact you to arrange a pick-up. *
Is your child interested in auditioning for the percussion class? (Note: only 8 students will be accepted into the class; typically 60 students audition) *
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