Ankeny Commercial Real Estate Contest
A friendly competition to show what you know--from a distance. We want to show off some of the great things about our area. Participants are responsible for any fun or personal knowledge gained by participating. We take the success of our community seriously but the pandemic didn't dampen our sense of humor. Please have fun, show us what you know and stay safe in the process.

Winner will receive a gift basket with $250 worth of gift cards plus some great local business swag.

Contest will end May 15 at 5pm. If there is a tie for highest score, the winner will be determined by random drawing from those with the highest scores.
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According to the US Census, Ankeny is one of the ___. (100 points)
What is the average population projection range for Ankeny in 2040? (100 points)
What corner of the east mix-master is within the Ankeny city limits? (100 points)
How many miles of new roads have been put into Ankeny in the last 5 years? (100 points)
What is the average daily traffic count on I-35 between the east mix-master and 1st Street? (100 points)
How many golf courses can you see from the corner of 36th & Delaware? (100 points)
What does the Ankeny based company named Mom's Meals do? (100 points)
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Casey's General Stores is the 5th largest pizza distributor in the ____? (100 points)
What product lines does the John Deere plant in Ankeny produce? (100 points)
True or False: Ankeny City tax rates are among the lowest in the Des Moines metro? (100 points)
True or False: Ankeny School District has reduced its tax rate 10 years in a row. (100 points)
True or False: The regional airport is the 3rd busiest airport in the state? (100 points)
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Which of the following can you find in Uptown Ankeny? (100 points)
True or False: Taxable retail sales in Ankeny topped $1 billion in 2019. (100 points)
True or False: Ankeny was the SBA 2019 Small Business Community of the Year?
Take a selfie at an Ankeny area development or available for lease location and email it to (300 points)
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Giving points for a purchase would violate sweepstakes laws but if we could, we would encourage you to _____? (100 points)
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