Helping Hands: Volunteer Check in
If you would like to remain a volunteer within Helping Hands Penarth, you MUST complete the form below. Thank you!

The information collected will be used in the strictest confidence and will only be accessed by the administrators of Helping Hands Penarth.  Data will not be used for any purpose other than facilitating help in the community and the volunteer organiser app which will comply with GDPR. If you choose to leave Helping Hands, please let us know so we can remove any of your information collected.
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If yes, what volunteering have you already been participating in? Please tick all that apply. If you are not already a volunteer, please skip to the next question.
If you would like to volunteer or are eager to do more please specify what you are interested in doing. Please tick all that apply. If you are happy with what you're doing at the moment, please skip to the next question.
Do you have any particular skills, talents or hobbies that would be beneficial to Helping Hands? We are focused on making our group engaging and fun for all so we would be interested in anything you have to offer. *
What is your general availability to volunteer should we need any extra help? (This is just a rough idea) *
Do you have an up to date DBS check? *
Do you have any other ideas that we can incorporate into our Helping Hands group? We are excited to continue to grow this group so all suggestions are greatly appreciated!
We would love it if you could tell us any positive experiences you may have had whilst volunteering within Helping Hands. We are planning to feature some in our next newsletter, personal details will be removed to remain anonymity.
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